Torque Auditing & Data Collection Equipment

Tightening a fastener in what you think is the correct manner is only part of the equation. Today’s manufacturers are ever concerned not only about the quality of the tools they are using in their process, but also verify that the outcome is correct. Is the tool performing out of spec or is the process driving a result that is unacceptable? The consequence of which is wasted raw material and profit loss. Choosing a means of checking torque and verifying tools can be just as challenging as picking the process tool in the first place. The wide variety in today’s tool offerings require an array of ways to verify the joint is being tightened properly. Some tools can be checked “in line” with the tool itself, while others are better checked statically. ToolMatics can help you choose the best method to audit and collect the torque data from your assembly process. Audit Solutions that work for you include:
  • Rotary Torque Transducers (with and without angle measurement)
  • Digital Static Torque Wrenches (with and without angle measurement)
  • Dial Torque Wrenches
  • Click Wrenches
  • Simple to Sophisticated Automated Data Collection Systems
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